Awesome College Dorm Pranks To Do On Your Roommate

We here at believe that the best pranks on your dorm roommates are the harmless annoying ones. If you live in a dorm room you will most likely be involved in a prank war with your roommate, which is quite common when you’re living with somebody. My parents have been at prank war for 30 years.

Unfortunate Victim of Sharpie Marker

You don’t want to be this fancy gentleman.

Rule # 1 – Never fall asleep or pass out at a party.

What makes a prank really awesome is when it’s very subtle. There’s many options available when doing a prank. You don’t really need any props, a good story and some theatrics can go a long way when pranking your roommate.

Although regular household items make great props and tools to unleash your prank on your dorm mate.


Awesome College Dorm Pranks

1. Horny Horror Prank– This one is really easy, just replace their startup sound on their laptop with an inappropriate pornographic sound (any sound will do LOL) and turn the volume UP. The next time they are in class or a public space with their laptop should suffice for an uncomfortable moment. Alternatively, you can put an inappropriate slide in-between their final presentations.

2. Party Pooper Prank– If you checked out our dorm room essentials checklist then you will have most of these household items. You will need a String, Paperclip, Tape, and you will have to take a quick trip to The Dollar Tree to pick up a Party Popper.

paperclip, tape, string, party popper

paperclip, tape, string, party popper

Assemble as Follows:

via Imgur. Alternatively you can put butter on the seat and watch them slip off, why would you be watching them?

via Imgur. Alternatively you can put butter on the seat and watch them slip off, why would you be watching them?


3. Full Restroom Prank- Restroom capacity in college dorms are limited and unusually not vacant. The times that they are open for business are precious, wouldn’t it be funny if it was always busy? You will need to look in your closet or go to a thrift store, purchase enough boots to place in each stall of your dorm bathroom. The next time your roommate has one too many Baja Chalupas it will be another Party Pooper. Hint combine pranks 2 & 3.

4. Gift Card Prank– I did this one on my girlfriend for Christmas, she still won’t admit it was funny, she actually cheated on me and broke up with me after blaming me for it….. You will need to go to your dorm mate’s favorite retail store and pick up a gift card around the front. The thing is you don’t need to actually purchase any credits on it, so you can just mark it with $100 or so and give it to them as a gift. The next time they go shopping it’ll be so funny when the sales associate tell’s them its blank and the more you mark up the gift card the bigger their pile will be!

It's annoying! ##Bonus: Combine w/ 2&3

It’s annoying! ##Bonus: Combine w/ 2&3

5. Splatter House Prank- Okay so this our third toilet prank, don’t hate us! This one is really easy but effective and annoying. Go to your fav fast-food joint and get ketchup and mustard packs. Fold and twist them up tightly and place under the toilet seat. It’s funnier on guys cause they will get ketchup & mustard on their balls!

6. Creepy Crawlers Prank- (/u/iruul)

Step 1. Get some kind of digital recorder + player

Step 2. Record as you quietly and creepily whisper someone’s name repeatedly over long intervals. 3 minute intervals should work. A series of quiet whispers followed by a slightly louder and menacing whisper makes it more effective, also consider adding sound effects, be creative.

Step 3. Plug it in and place it under the person’s bed.

Step 4. Set it to play on loop at the lowest possible volume that can still be heard during the silence of night.

Step 5. ???

7. TheFacebook Prank- This happens a lot on the college campus where someone will accidentally stay logged into Facebook. “Borrow” your victims laptop and if they’re logged into Facebook change their name to yours and change their profile picture to yours. Next time they hop onto their laptop, they will think you forgot to log out and they will Facebook f**k themselves.

8.) A Better Facebook Prank– Brian from did the most legendary epic prank in social media history. He basically tailored his roommates targeted ads to very strange results that almost drove him insane. This prank takes a bit of explaining so it’s best if you just check it out on his site right here.Enstilling Paranoia With Facebook Ads

We hope you find these pranks harmless and effective for your dorm mate. Maybe number 6 might be traumatizing. We tried it once on Ted, but we never saw him again. .. hmmm.

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  1. Rizza K July 10, 2015 at 2:33 PM

    HAhahahahaha too funny. I think i’ll do all of them

  2. Talha Maswood August 7, 2015 at 2:58 PM

    That facebook prank is genius!

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