Hammer and Beer Bottle Opener

  • Hammer and Beer Bottle Opener
  • Hammer and Beer Bottle Opener
  • Hammer and Beer Bottle Opener

So we saw this and thought what a perfect multi-tool. You know you have many choice when selecting a bottle opener, but isn’t it better to have one that has a dual purpose?! This Hammer/Bottle opener combo comes in a pack of 12 according to the listing on Amazon, so for it’s price it’s a great deal!

The Hammer head is heavy duty enough to nail in nails, but becareful because it can break, it’s not that strong, especially around intoxicated people.

Another great use for it is for crushing ice, but after some time rust can build up, we suggest crush the ice in a bag.

You know what's really fun? Getting drunk and nailing something. Now you can pound the night away after opening a few brewskis with this hammer and beer bottle opener.
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Get Drunk & Nail Something!

This has everything an amateur carpenter could want! It's hard work hammering, quench your thirst after this workout with some nice cool beer, and best part of all, you don't need a a separate bottle opener! One thing though it's not as strong as a heavy duty hammer, especially around intoxicated people, but it comes in a set of 12, so pretty awesome!

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Manufacturer Information:

  • Perfect for any beer swigging, DIY enthusiasts
  • Fully functional hammer with nail claw converted into a bottle opener
  • Hammer-head can double as an ice crusher
  • Rubberized hand grip for safe, secure bottle opening
  • Never drink alcoholic beverages while doing any form of construction work

Drinking beer whilst operating heavy tools and machinery probably isn’t the best idea, but if you’re ever doing some DIY and fancy a cold one, rest assured you won’t be left thirsty with the Friday afternoon hammer. The fully functional hammer can be used for sorting out those nails. Flip it over and the other end has been converted into a bottle opener.

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