Non-Slip Shower Slippers/Sandals for Men

  • Non-Slip Shower Slippers/Sandals for Men
  • Comfortable with drainage holes to keep your feet clean.

Why do you need non slip sandals for the dorm room shower? Well for one, many students use it, and that alone is a good reason to wear sandals in the shower. These non slip sandals have holes on the sole to create a suction like grip on the shower floor which will ensure your safety and cleanliness.

Very comfortable, just make sure you get the right size, otherwise they could feel too tight.

The Dorm shower is never clean, wear these comfortable non slip sandals to stay hygienic and stay safe.
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Keep your feet clean in the shower

The community shower at your dorm is filthy! Keep your feet safe and clean with these non slip shower sandals. They are comfortable and affordable for the broke college student.

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Manufacturer Information

  • Sure Grip, Anti-slip bottom for use in community showers
  • Drainage Holes Throughout – Prevents Feet Slipping High Quality Rubber – Comfort Slide Fit
  • Thick shower shoes
  • Comfy and wide set
Editor's choice 2015
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