Adjustable Leather Office Chair with Tilt Control

  • Adjustable Leather Office Chair with Tilt Control
  • Adjustable Leather Office Chair with Tilt Control
  • Adjustable Leather Office Chair with Tilt Control
  • Adjustable Leather Office Chair with Tilt Control
  • Adjustable Leather Office Chair with Tilt Control

Adjustable Leather Office Chair with Tilt ControlThe carton arrived with some damage, particularly surrounding the plastic strapping, but the contents were in good shape. There’s a total of 13 screws in assembly, all tightened with the included Allen wrench. Assembly only took me about 6-7 minutes. The chair itself is beautiful and very comfortable. I was specifically looking for a chair that goes high, and this one does so. It doesn’t have buckets of adjustability, but its got enough.

Seat cushion padding is almost 4″ thick and incredibly comfortable, arm rests resemble a very dense memory foam so, so while rigid, are still comfortable and have give. The arm rests are very adjustable and the top surface where your forearm sits has a nice contour for your arms. The mesh backing is very comfortable mesh cloth so there is very little grip friction against your back (i prefer this because extended sitting with a “grippy” back becomes irritating). The pneumatic adjustment is solid with a lot of travel and my favorite part is the excessive amount of lean this chair has– you can basically recline in it! The adjustable compression spring allows you to fine tune how much lean angle response you want.

This adjustable office chair is made from Eco Leather with Air mesh and tilt control. It's professional and ergonomic with arm rests and an arched support.
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Very comfortable office chair designed to be sat in for long hours. Arm rests can be removed, only flaw I would say is that if you're below 5'3 in height then your feet might dangle or not be flat on the floor. Other than that its an awesome chair. Best of all, FREE Shipping!

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Manufacturer Information

Professional Air Grid Back Managers Chair with Leather Seat and 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt Control

  • Eco Leather seat with mesh siding for breathability and comfort
  • One touch Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
  • 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt Control with Adjustable Tilt Tension
  • Height Adjustable Angled Arms with Soft PU Pads
  • Heavy Duty Angled Nylon Base with Oversized Dual Wheel Carpet Casters
Item Weight 40 pounds
Product Dimensions  20 x 21 x 19 inches
Item model number 5700E
Assembled Height 42 inches
Assembled Width 27 inches
Assembled Length 26.5 inches
Weight 43.5 Pounds


Does this chair rock?
If by “rock” you mean awesome, yes it does in fact rock. It also rocks back and forth.

What is the range of seat height?
The range of seat height is from 18″ to 23″.

Can the arms be left off?
Yes! You can choose to not attach the arms if you’d like.

How adjustable are the arm rests? How many inches from the lowest to the highest position?
Measured from the top of the seat to the top of the arm rest, 6″ is the lowest and 9″ is the highest.

After many hours a day in my current chair, my thighs ache and go numb from pressure from the edge of the seat. Does this happen to you in this chair?
I have not had that issue at all with this chair. And I spend way too much time in front of the computer. :)

Is the lumbar adjustable?
No. There is a built-in lumbar support that is not adjustable.

Does it move well on carpet or should casters be removed?
It moves great on carpet.

How strong is this chair for leaning all the way back? My computer is also my TV so when I watch TV I lean back way back.
You can either lock the back in the upright position or allow it to lean back about 30 degrees.

Is there a warranty on this chair?
From the paper with the chair:(paraphrasing)
Lifetime on component parts including pneumatic cylinder, control mechanism, base and casters. 3 years on upholstery fabric and foam against wear and deterioration. Leather is not warranted against routing scratching and scuffing, as leather is subject to minor blemishes in use. Claim via [email protected] or 800-950-7265. Warranty is from date of purchase.

Is there a compatible headrest for this chair?
No there isn’t.

Is the base/legs made of metal or plastic?
Plastic I believe.

Can the wheels lock if you want it to be stationary?
No, the casters on the chair don’t have any way to lock them.

What’s the max weight?
The warranty is valid up to 250 lbs for a 40 hr work week.

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