25 Reasons Why College Sucks!

College is the rite to adulthood. Without college say goodbye to that dream job and dream paycheck. It can be frustrating at times but it’s all worth it in the end… right?? The cost alone for college really sucks, but there’s ways to earn money and save while in college. We think it is definitely worth all the drama and trouble caused to one day walk among your educated peers to bigger and better things.

But while you’re in college these are some of the things that really suck!

1.) Writing Essays – It really sucks when you have a 1000 words on art history and you only have your name jotted down.

2.) When you move away to a university and your best friend went to community college.

3.) Had to work late then have a class early next morning.

4.) Dorm life has it’s pitfalls, like no music while showering! What!?

5.) Paying for textbooks!

6.) When all you’ve done all day is homework.

7.) When you get paid, but only have $100 in your bank account :(

8.) When your professor is speaking English but still doesn’t make any sense.

9.) Shaving your legs in the dormitory bathroom :S

10.) Registering for classes.

11.) Books cost more than your car note.

12.) When you have huge breaks between classes.

13.) Did we mention cost of books! :S

14.) Missing your pet :(

15.) When your friends back home make new friends.

16.) When your professor doesn’t go over the assignments.

17.) When your professor rambles on forever.

18.) When you can’t find your car in the parking lot.

19.) When they take forever to process refunds for dropped classes.

20.) First weekend of the semester is spent studying.

21.) Cost of doing laundry in college is sky high!

22.) Being broke!

23.) Classes at night.

24.) When an assignment is due before the semester begins!

25.) Did we mention the cost of college?

Don’t worry though, in 4 years (hopefully) it’ll be all over and then you’ll miss all your new friends and be happy that you made it through college.

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  1. Michelle September 5, 2015 at 5:53 PM

    #26) crappy food at the food court

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