Wall Mount Surge Protector with USB Plugs & Phone Holder

  • Wall Surge Protector USB Plugs
  • Wall Surge Protector USB Plugs
  • Wall Surge Protector USB Plugs
  • Wall Surge Protector USB Plugs
  • Wall Surge Protector USB Plugs
Wall mount Surge protector meant for college students, comes with 3 outlets and 2 USB outlets. Also includes 2 smartphone holders while it charges. $15.99!
10 Total Score
Very useful device

It has a very sleek look, and I really like the green LED-lit clear plastic piece at the top which lights up to display that surge protection is active. The light is not bright at all, so at night, it acts as a faint night light. The included screw for installing it securely over an existing wallplate was a nice thing to include. Importantly, installing the screw is not necessary for making the outlet functional, but simply provides more stability. Installation of this optional screw only required a screwdriver, and was extremely simple. In my tests, all three outlets provided adequate power for various devices, including small kitchen appliances, laptop power cords, phone charging (using the phone’s wall plug adapter), and even larger electronics such as a monitor and TV. It is a fully functional surge protector! I love the fact that this surge protector includes USB ports. Often I’ll find myself searching for a wall plug adapter in order to charge my phone or tablet, but with this surge protector, all I need is a cable. Charging speeds were on par with what I get through the OEM wall adapters for my iPhone and iPad. Overall, this is a great 3 outlet surge protector, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to add an extra outlet and two USB ports to a regular pair of wall outlets!

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Do those “Surge Protectors with 2.4A Dual USB Charging” can screw to any standard wall outlet ? Does the package include screw?
Yes can screw into any outlet, and includes screw. But will replace the whole outlet that has two outlets. Not enough space for the other outlet to be used once pluged in.

Will the cell phone charger hold a Large Samsung Note 4?
There are USB plugs. If you have any adapters or plugs you might want to screw the wall mount securely before.

How far below the bottom of a standard two-outlet faceplate does this product stick out?
If you connect it to the upper outlet, you’ll have a “remain” of 1 inch, approx.

What size of iPhone does it hold?
It fits the iPhone 6 nicely.

Manufacturer Information

  • Wall mount surge protector converts any standard single gang wall outlet into a mini USB charging station; Innovative slide-out holders cradle your smartphones while charging and fold away when not in use for a tidy and clutter-free counter area
  • Surge suppressor with 2.1amps/10 watts dual usb charging ports protects and charges two smartphones simultaneously
  • Reliable power surge protection combines a 540 joules suppression rating, low clamping voltage, advanced x3 MOV safety shutdown technology, and EMI/RFI noise reduction to protect up to five connected devices
  • UL Listed power tap has diagnostic green protected led that verifies surge protection status at a glance; Simple and secure installation into any vertical grounded ac outlet with the integrated stabilizing post and included outlet mounting screw
  • 3 outlet tap with smartphone holders are compatible with iPhone 5/6, Nexus 4/5, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5, or any smartphones with smaller than 5″ screens

Wall Mounted Power with Fast USB Charging
Transform an existing electrical outlet into a mini USB charging station in the kitchen, office, or school dorm room. Tamper-proof USB charging ports with a shared 2.1 amps charge two smartphones while resting in the outlet arm cradles.

Reliable Surge Protection
The 540 joules surge protection rating offers voltage suppression not available with the average wall outlet. Advanced x3 metal oxide varistor in a fire-retardant ceramic casing uses high energy dissipation to absorb excess voltage. Safety shut-down technology uses built-in thermal fuses to power-off the connected equipment when any extended over-voltage is detected or at the surge protection end-of-life. An EMI/RFI filter reduces AC line noise and radio frequency interference. A diagnostic protected led verifies protection at a glance so problems with any electrical outlet are noticed quickly.

Form and Function
Clean-up counter clutter and never forget where you left your phone with one centralized location for charging and storing. Slide-out holders cradle your smartphones (5″ screen or smaller) while charging.

– Electrical Rating: 15A, 120VAC (US standard)
– Joule Rating: 540 Joules
– Clamping Voltage: 500V
– Max Spike Current: 36,000A
– EMI/RFI Filter Attenuation: 30 dB
– Certifications: UL Listed, RoHS compliant

Package Contents
1 x Wall Mount Surge Protector in a recyclable box
1 x Mounting screw and washer

Important Notes
– The smartphones and cables are not included in the package
– USB ports may not charge some Windows tablets

Limited One-Year Warranty and Lifetime Product Support

Also Available with 6 outlets


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