Portable Personal Safe (Comes in Pink, Black or White)

  • Portable Personal Safe (Comes in Pink, Black or White)
  • Master Lock 5900 SafeSpace Portable Safe
  • Master Lock 5900 SafeSpace Portable Safe
  • Master Lock 5900 SafeSpace Portable Safe
  • Master Lock 5900 SafeSpace Portable Safe
  • Durable, water resistant construction protects valuables
  • Set your own combination for easy recall and convenience
  • Shock absorbing foam lines the safe’s interior to keep items protected during transport
  • Ear bud/charging cable access port, listen to music or charge devices while securely stored
  • Lock up and lock down integrated cable can be used as a handle or for securing the safe

Tough little case. The lock is easy to set the combination. The cord is easy to use and looks pretty tough. Someone would have a hard time cutting it, but it could be done. I don’t think there is a cable out there that is un-cuttable anyway, just keep that in mind. It looks hard to break into but I haven’t tested the theory. I was also surprised with how much space is really in there. I bought two more. One for my grandmother and one for my uncle. Awesome product, much better than a key safe or a normal metal one this size. Those can be broken very very easy. This is on its own level

Master Lock 5900D personal safe is the ultimate solution for college dorm rooms. The secure, reliable product give users the freedom of always knowing that their MP3 players, cell phones, cameras, gaming devices, cash, credit cards, jewelry, keys, passports, sunglasses and other small valuables are well protected everywhere.
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I like this little safe

Compact, very tough little guy. While the capacity of this item is small, it is made of a really heavy duty ,high impact resin plastic. Note the interior size that others mention here, as the picture is kind of misleading. I can't imagine all of that stuff pictured going in there. A few watches, rings, chains, small cash-stash, memory sticks and mine is full. I mainly bought it because of this small, compact size. It fits perfectly into the hide away place I need it to!

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Does it hold a passport?

Yes, it holds any small objects like jewelry’s ,money, and cards…. So for passports it will be perfect!

Can this hold US bills flat?

Yes, I had a couple thousand with me in big bills.

Could this hold a circular CD holder?

No. It will not fit a CD inside, however you can fit a thumb drive, any iPod if you wanted to store data or music. You can fit the cable through a CD HOLE if you are more concerned about theft and not damage free storage ie music vs personal files.

Is the interior deep enough for 2 or 3 regular size prescription pill bottles?

I just went and tried my prescription bottle in it and it fit. My bottle is about 1.5-2 inches around and about 4 inches tall. You could fit about 4 of them in there.

What size is the Master lock safe? Will it fit a iPad Mini?

No, does not fit the iPad Mini, you can put your wallet, a regular cell phone and some keys.

Is the cable/carry handle secured by the combination lock?

Yes, it also uses an independent exterior button which means you don’t need to open it to detach the cable, though you do need the combo.

Will it fit an iPhone 6?

Easily. Probably even the 6S.

Editor's choice 2015
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